Special guest Andy Sheppard!


Andy's picks


Big Thief

Adrianne Lenker sings like she’s going to break, if you don’t break first. Simple and stark and foreboding and beautiful. Lyrics that stab you right in the solar plexus. Also, I believe it was recorded in the basement of my soul.

Moses Sumney  

A strange, slightly inebriated soundscape with elements of jazz and soul. At moments, it’s like a Bobby McFerrin acid trip, and others, like in the song ‘Doomed,’ it’s transcendent art.


I will never tire of Robin Dann’s underwater voice, suspended, always just below the surface of an undulating ocean of electronic goodness. The Puff EP is like a coming out for this band. And more people should know their music. ‘Don’t Wanna Be European’ is what they play in elevators in heaven, and ‘St. Lucia’ is an invitation to a dance party at the bottom of the ocean.

Utopia Defeated
D.D Dumbo

Ok, technically this album was released in late 2016, but I don’t care. It was definitely one of my top listens for 2017. Dance-worthy dystopian pop-rock that harkens back to the best aspects of The Police and Talking Heads, but also thoroughly forward looking. ‘Satan’ and ‘Walrus’ are highlights in an album full of highlights.

What Now
Sylvan Esso  

It’s pop. But it’s also not. It’s unapologetic-pop-not-pop. Crazy, tight, mad-sequenced tracks wrap Amelia Meath’s vocals in a percolating package that demands multiple listens. Ear candy that’s good for you!