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what an opportunity!

We see a great opportunity for both Pondercast and Kolab Project. By partnering, we can connect Kolab Project with our tribe of ponderers and spend more time doing what we do best, making content for our tribe. Win-win!


In this proposal

01. About US

02. Value

03. specifics

04. Cost




about pondercast

Pondercast is for explorers – it guides you to the clouds for a mind-bending view.

Pondercast is for explorers – it guides you to the clouds for a mind-bending view. Let Laurie Brown spark some new thoughts as the soundscapes of Joshua Van Tassel help you ponder the night, being human, and OH! – we also love music.



With 22 episodes under it’s belt, Pondercast has just completed its first season. Our inaugural year saw many highlights including a successful Patreon Campaign, Partnership with Killbeat Music, a live tour, and more.


Our Tribe

We’ve connected with a very special set of folks – these are our people. Laurie was able to transition the majority of the listeners from her CBC program ‘The Signal’ so we’ve known these people for a while.

They care about the arts, nature, the human condition, and progressive social values.

We did a survey recently and found they are most excited for episodes about nature, spirituality, mental health, sex. We believe this fits thematically with the Kolab Project’s brand.

By the numbers

  • 86% of our audience is Canadian

  • We have 7,590 members in our FB Group

  • We have a combined 8,360 followers on Twitter

  • We have 2,351 subscribers for our newsletter

  • We have an avg. listenership of 7,427 /episode

  • Our listeners have listened to a total of 7,309,885 minutes of Pondercast

  • We have 173 paying Patrons per month with 860$ of monthly income


Our Team

Our three-person team was designed (and destined) to make Pondercast. We come from various backgrounds allowing us to excel at all the things a good podcast needs. This includes, interviews, musings, soundscapes, original music, audio editing, and visual design (web, graphic, video, identity.)


Joshua Van Tassel

Joshua is a professional drummer, producer, composer and sonic landscaper. He performs and produces some of Canada's most respected performers such as Great Lake Swimmers, Amelia Curran, Sarah Slean, Donovan Woods, Rose Cousins, David Myles, and others. He is equally at home with sticks in his hands or a hydrophone in the ocean.

Laurie Brown

Laurie is a passionate advocate for the arts and artists in Canada. She’s built a reputation as an accomplished interviewer and seasoned broadcaster by bringing out the best in Canadian artists. Her career started at City TV on The New Music, at CBC’s flagship documentary show The Journal, on CBC’s The National and on NewsWorld’s On the Arts. Laurie hosted The Signal on CBC Radio2 for 10 years, a much loved late night music program. 

Ty Johnston

Ty Johnston is a visual artist based in Newfoundland. He loves all things visual from branding and visual identity to websites and apps. If you can see it, Ty has designed it…and added more white space. His past clients include WestJet, Nike, and Safeway. An entrepreneur at heart, he’s started a brewery, an online merch store, a series of prints, as well as too many tech startups to even name.





We can’t wait to introduce Kolab Project to our tribe.

Here is the high-level overview of what we can offer Kolab Project.


A. Naming rights

We would add a ‘bi-line description’ to our name on promotional materials. The exact wording is up to all of us to decide on – here are some early ideas.

  • Pondercast – brought to you by Kolab Project

  • Pondercast – in collaboration with Kolab Project

  • Pondercast – in partnership with Kolab Project

The bi-line description would be displayed on promotional materials such as our website, live show posters, podcast artwork, press releases, etc. It would not be added to the official podcast name which displays on iTunes, nor would it appear on Pondercast merchandise.

B. Content

We will continue to produce one new episode (under our creative control) every two weeks. Each episode will consist of:

  • An audio file

  • Three 60-second episode video clips designed for social media

  • Full length episodes as videos for Youtube

C. Audio Plug

We will mention Kolab Project once per episode – the exact wording is up to all of us to decide on. We would also retro-actively add the audio plug to the 22 episodes in season one.







Pondercast will remain entirely owned by Laurie, Joshua and Ty.


Publishing Content

All full episodes would continue to be published by Pondercast on its own platforms – iTunes, YouTube, and Pondercast.ca. Kolab Project will be given access to publish full episodes on its own site but it will not create its own iTunes, YouTube, or other podcast hosting accounts.

Sharing content

Kolab Project would be given all access to all episode clips and other relevant promotion assets so that it can share them via its own platforms (website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc).



Kolab would be the exclusive partner of Pondercast.
We should note we have an active partnership with Killbeat Music where they allow us to use music from their artists. The nature of the Kolab Project partnership is entirely different.


The agreement would last for 12 months beginning upon agreement from both parties.






2,500$ / episode

Pondercast publishes one episode every two weeks.

5,000$ one-time

Administration and asset integration