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We don’t get a paycheck from Pondercast…

and we don’t feel ads are right for us either, so your support is what really keeps us going. Here are some of the ways to support our independent program.


Monthly patronage

The biggest way to support us is a small monthly donation via Patreon. We offer exclusive perks like curated playlists, guided meditations, and advanced ticketing to live shows to all our patrons who donate 3, 5 or 10$ a month.
Thank you patrons, we love you!



One-time Donation

If a one-time donation is more your style, you can follow the button below to send us support. Your money goes directly to supporting our ad-free, independent program.

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Organize a Live Pondercast

Let us know if you'd like to bring a live Pondercast to your city. Send us a message and we’ll try to make it happen.

Spread the word & join the tribe

There are many non-monetary ways to support like sharing video clips from our Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook accounts or joining our email newsletter. If you’re into wearing clothes, buy a Pondercast t-shirt.



Here’s what happens with your money…



Your money helps us pay for our monthly online-hosting bills, annual SOCAN fees, and maybe one day it will cover some of our studio and equipment costs.


It takes a lot of time for all three of us to produce an episode every two weeks; every minute we’re working on Pondercast, we’re not making an income. Your support helps us cover the time we spend making original music, writing scripts, coordinating interviews, and posting episodes.