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Laurie's picks


Twin Solitude
Leif Vollebek  

Glad this album came out before The Signal ended so we could play the song Rest. Vollebek creates a pondering swirl of the mess of life. I get the sense he's someone who is willing to dive deep into anything life throws at him. I adore this world he has created.

Semper Femina
Laura Marling

When I listen to music by myself, I always feel the pull to this album. Laura is equal parts emotion and intellect and she says uncomfortable things out loud – on a record. The kind of thoughts I usually keep in my head. This album is about women. It's brave - it is certainly not flattering in many ways. But it feels bone true. Her writing, guitar, instrumentation have a strange naive quality - which I adore.


An album I fell in love with on first listen. Unexpected moments of real vulnerability and musical daring - I think Sampha is hugely talented. Anyone seen him live? Can't wait to experience that. 

St. Vincent

She's a favourite artist, so basically I will follow her to the ends of the earth. Always interesting and brave, and the most astounding guitar player I know. You must see her live sometime. 

No Home of the Mind
Bing & Ruth

Please please buy this record and play it the next time you are on a plane. I will say no more.  

joshua's picks



Bjork is at a point where the only references I have for comparing her music is her own music. This album is challenging in terms of content and duration, beautiful and super inspiring.

Ennaga Vision
Ennaga Vision

Completely unpredictable and weird, sounds like what two aliens from different homeworlds would play at a mating ceremony.

Electronic and Contemporary Music From Brazil - 1978 -1992
Outre Tempo

I can't tell which decade some of these songs come from, could be the future and the dates on the cover are a misprint. Tough to say. But it's fresh and really fun.

Moses Sumney

A beautiful album in every sense, aurally, and visually. I actually got turned on to this album via Andy Sheppard and Laurie and it floored me. Unique voice, unique production, and all of it heartfelt. Very refreshing.

Semper Femina
Laura Marling

I've been a Marling fan for many years, and I can honestly say this is my favourite album. Cutting and direct song writing, super tasteful production by Blake Mills framing the whole thing. My human heart got in for the writing, my production brain goes in for the sonics and we're all happy.

ty's picks


Modern Addiction

The energy in this album is perfect for anyone who wants to change their mood. The somber subject matter balances out the pop-y production and keeps it from feeling hollow. Also, I dare you to not sing along.

now that the light is fading
Maggie rogers


I've been in love with Maggie's music from the first time I saw this video of Pharrell William's listening to her early work. This isn't a full album but I'll take anything I can get from this young brilliance. 

yours conditionally

If you don't listen too closely to Alaina Moore's vocals you might not hear the sarcastic and (understandable) critical tone of her lyrics over the head-bopping background of this album. A very easy listen. 

love what survives
mount kimbie

Start with the fourth track 'Marilyn' and explore from there. Mount Kimbie really let themselves explore new sounds as they worked with a wide range of guest features from James Blake to Micachu. 

it's a 4-way tie

So I'm going to cheat on my final choice to 2017. Many of the bands who helped me discover my personal music taste have put out albums this year and I refuse to pick only one. I highly recommend checking out:

  • Washed Out – Mister Mellow

  • Toro Y Moi – Boo Boo

  • The XX – I See You

  • Grizzly Bear – Painted Ruins


Special guest Andy Sheppard!


Andy's picks


Big Thief

Adrianne Lenker sings like she’s going to break, if you don’t break first. Simple and stark and foreboding and beautiful. Lyrics that stab you right in the solar plexus. Also, I believe it was recorded in the basement of my soul.

Moses Sumney  

A strange, slightly inebriated soundscape with elements of jazz and soul. At moments, it’s like a Bobby McFerrin acid trip, and others, like in the song ‘Doomed,’ it’s transcendent art.


I will never tire of Robin Dann’s underwater voice, suspended, always just below the surface of an undulating ocean of electronic goodness. The Puff EP is like a coming out for this band. And more people should know their music. ‘Don’t Wanna Be European’ is what they play in elevators in heaven, and ‘St. Lucia’ is an invitation to a dance party at the bottom of the ocean.

Utopia Defeated
D.D Dumbo

Ok, technically this album was released in late 2016, but I don’t care. It was definitely one of my top listens for 2017. Dance-worthy dystopian pop-rock that harkens back to the best aspects of The Police and Talking Heads, but also thoroughly forward looking. ‘Satan’ and ‘Walrus’ are highlights in an album full of highlights.

What Now
Sylvan Esso  

It’s pop. But it’s also not. It’s unapologetic-pop-not-pop. Crazy, tight, mad-sequenced tracks wrap Amelia Meath’s vocals in a percolating package that demands multiple listens. Ear candy that’s good for you!