Mothers and Daughters


mothers and daughters


This Pondercast comes from a live performance at The Music Gallery in Toronto, and from the bottom of my heart. Writing about my complicated relationship with my mother was hard - and if you struggle with your mother - you understand why.

While we all come out of wombs, our experience of ‘mothering’ has changed a lot. I don’t think the experience of the mother daughter is entirely unique, I know that fathers feel a similar push-pull in relationships with their daughters. You will see yourself in here I hope.

Told from both the point of view of the mother and the daughter - it’s a familiar story.

This was written as a companion piece for a performance called Speculation with Leslie Ting. Speculation is about Leslie’s re-examination of her experience with her mother, and Leslie created the music for this Pondercast and Joshua Van Tassel created the sonic accompaniment.

Thanks to Leslie and her amazing production team and thanks to my funny, loving family.

Ty JohnstonComment