Unnatural Selection


Unnatural Selection


We North Americans are constantly asked to choose. Everywhere we go we are asked to register our preference, to make a choice out of an embarrassing number of options available to us. What kind of phone to buy? Cable plan? Have you seen the toothbrush aisle at the drug store??

We humans love to choose! It triggers something primordial in us: our natural selection DNA. We can’t help it - every time we choose anything, we are following our survival programming.

You could make the case that our consumer society exists because of natural selection. The amount of choice on offer today has grown exponentially over the last 30 years...to the point we all know what ‘choice overload’ feels like.

So this Pondercast ponders what if we subvert our DNA, and change the plot.

Maybe it’s time we teach ourselves to feel satisfied instead.

Thank you for choosing Pondercast, we know you have a choice...in fact there are 630,000 podcasts to choose from...yikes.


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