Altered States

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altered states


In an emergency: break glass and listen to Altered States.
The ultimate chill-out Pondercast.

Let’s just hang together for about 2 hours. I’ve found the perfect musical accompaniment; a new album of ambient music called States. Three musicians: Robbie GrunwaldJames Bunton, and our very own Joshua Van Tassel have each contributed 3 pieces that are each 11:00 long.

If you don’t have much experience with ambient music - that’s cool. I’m going to talk you through it. Everyone needs what ambient music can do for us. I trust you will find an ‘Altered State’ by the end of the Pondercast.

Plenty of time for your mind to wander, for you to sink into the couch, or read, or sleep or, or, or... For when you seriously need to slow down....let’s hang together and do just that. You can buy the full albums here

This is what you will hear on this episode:

  1. STATES 01

  2. STATES 10

  3. STATES 14

  4. STATES 04

  5. STATES 15

  6. STATES 05

  7. STATES 07

  8. STATES 12

  9. STATES 11

Apply liberally when needed,

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