This episode is called ‘Singing: You Make Me Feel’. And if you finished that line with ...’like a natural woman’, you are already in the zone!

When Aretha Franklin died, Toronto’s Choir!Choir!Choir! jumped into action.

Daveed Goldman and Nobu Adilman started Choir!Choir!Choir! as a weekly drop-in singing event at a bar. Buy a beer and learn a pop song in 3 part harmony. Sing your heart out and go home happy. To celebrate Aretha Franklin, they found a bigger hall and we all jammed in and poured all our love and sadness into singing You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman.

And when the night was done - we all hit Queen Street West and sang it outside on the street. Too much fun. I can’t describe what an amazing feeling it is to sing together with a roomful of strangers. Especially when you are feeling the loss of such an incredible artist. Oh the power of singing!

See us sing here

Nobu and Daveed have created something beyond their wildest aspirations in Choir!Choir!Choir! Beyond the singing, they have created a charitable foundation and they are doing such great work there. See what singing together can accomplish?

So you will hear my interview with Nobu and Daveed and hear 500 very amateur singers belting out one of the songs that Aretha sang so amazingly. I bet you will be like me, wishing you were singing like this every week.


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