Welcome to 2018!
Your year of ____________.

(fill in the blank)

Ah the thrill of that blank space.  You could fill that spot with a thousand different things! But I’m going to throw an idea at you that I bet you haven’t considered for the coming year...death...your death. Well that takes this party to a new plateau, doesn’t it? We have a guide in this Pondercast – Stephen Jenkinson. He’s the dude when it comes to contemplating the dying realm. 

BUT WAIT!  There's more...  

Listen to this episode and you'll hear music from Gregory Hoskins who creates music for the travelling death show that he and Stephen tour the world with. You have endless possibilities in 2018 - so let’s not shirk on any of them - and include death on that list.  

Yours, (for the moment)

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more death

part two

Can't get enough death? Listen to part two of this series EP 10 More Death.