A live Pondercast! Terrifying! Fun!  January 19th in The Fredericton Public Library, in front of a lovely audience, we explored thoughts about books and how we live in a world that is mostly interpreted for us.  How much time do we let others take the wheel for us?

Joshua Van Tassel and I make music out of the sounds of books. (One book was destroyed in the making of this Pondercast!)

We have a special musical guest - Sandro Perri joins Joshua onstage and gives us a beautiful love song.

Funny how the best books and the best music take us to the end of places that are beyond language - beyond interpretation.  Let’s get there together. Thanks to New Brunswick author Beth Powning and Knopf Canada for the reading from her book Edge Seasons.

Thanks as well to Kyle Cunjak and everyone at Shivering Songs Festival for making our first live recording such a pleasure.

Thanks for listening,

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