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I have been travelling in England for the last month - and it's been remarkable.

After 10 years of having to 'output' two hours of radio everyday, life is entirely turned around. I've stopped operating like a leaf blower and have turned into a vacuum cleaner, sucking up new sound/images/places/people/experiences. Moving around every three or four days, I keep checking the hotel rooms for quiet - so I can record another Pondercast for you.

I found one in Little Walsingham, England. Weird, because the room was above a pub. But everyone wandered out before 11:00 and the village was as quiet as could be. This Pondercast was recorded in the same place that Edward III spent his first nights with his wife in 1327. Well. Couldn't tell from the mattress, but maybe from the quiet - and the slope of the floors. Here's the view from the room. 

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It was here that I listened to Find The Others album Empire of Time. Not for the first time, but probably the 100th. Find The Others is none other than Andy Sheppard, producer of The Signal.

I want you to hear the entire record, and Andy graciously allowed me to bring it to you here. He also gave me a brand new remix of the title track for you to hear!


I recorded, surrounded by bed pillows and blankets and edited the file and sent it off to Joshua Van Tassel, who creates all the theme music and sound design. When he sent it back to me, I was in the Cotswolds and looking out this window as I listened to the final product.

Empire of Time is a favourite album of mine.

Beautiful heart swelling moments, each piece plays out like a mini-symphony and the headspace of the record is just where I want to be - it is thoughtful, open hearted and expansive. A few of you suggested I should include track lists. So here it is:

  1. We Stared at the World

  2. Night Owl

  3. Light in a Bottle

  4. Empire of Time - Remix by Maple Mountain Sunburst

  5. The Things You Want

  6. This Vampire Has Seen Better Nights

  7. A Fine Line

  8. Meant for This

  9. Lost Boys Choir

Like always, I encourage you to buy and share the music of Find the Others and if you want to hear a slightly different version of the remix by Maple Mountain Sunburst, you'll find it on a Forward Music Sampler

Thanks to Ionia Martinus of Intuitive Mindscape in Michigan for the Pondercast watercolour! If you make art while you listen to this, please send along your artwork - I could use it in a future Pondercast.


How would you like to gift a personalized snowfall to someone this Christmas? Joshua Van Tassel, Ty Johnston and I are conjuring up an audio Christmas snowfall for you. Getting snow for Christmas is something that happens less and less but that doesn't stop us from wishing it would snow like it did when we were kids.

Thanks for listening!

Your Pondercast team, Laurie, Joshua, and Ty.