All About Gord


All About Gord


Back from a 6 week trip to England and now beginning to figure out what a post-CBC life is going to be like ...and what life without Gord Downie is like.

I was in Blockley, England when I heard the news - and q called me in the rare moment I was in a spot with cell coverage. You can hear that here. But it felt so strange not to be home for that. But the Facebook group helped - and all your comments were comforting.

We all want to talk about him - what he meant to us individually and as a country. So this Pondercast is all about Gord. As promised, every pondercast is different. For this one, I just turned on the mic and started talking.

When we lose someone important - the rest of us huddle together and tell stories of them. To keep them alive in our hearts I'm guessing. To help process their absence.

Downy Art.jpg

I listened to Gord's posthumous album Introduce Yerself before heading to my studio to record this. It's a wonderful album, I wish I could play it for you here - but I don't have the rights to be able to do that. So when you've listened to this Pondercast - head here to watch a trailer for the album and you can buy the album here.

I'll tell the story of these photographs that hang in my apartment. Gord Downie's notes on Gordon Lightfoot. I could write a book about what I think when I read these snippets of Gord on Gord. I probably will sometime. But in the meantime, let's tell stories of Gord Downie and try to understand what we have lost.

Laurie, Ty and Joshua.

Photo by Asha Nelson

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