This episode is called Metanoia. What an intriguing word!  All will be revealed as you listen to the latest album from Kelowna’s Andrew Judah.

I loved playing Andrew’s music on The Signal. Sonically rich and surprising - Andrew is one of those artists that can create an other world to fall into. Metanoia is a journey through a big life experience. Not just a heartbreak - but something much bigger.  Funny how life tends to pile life-changing events together, huh? Here’s how Andrew describes Metanoia...

Metanoia began as a concept - a series of 7 EP’s over 7 months. Each EP was written, recorded, produced and released one month at a time. The intention was to see what would happen when removing the luxury of time from the creative process. The extreme pressure of each looming deadline resulted in a lot of creative choices that likely would have been filtered out, had I given myself the time to do so.

Andrew then collected the EP’s together to release. Picture him tonight - December 1st - performing this album live in Kelowna. Thanks Andrew, for letting me share your album on Pondercast. If you love it - tell your friends and buy the album here.


Thanks for listening and sharing.
Your Pondercast team,
Laurie, Ty and Joshua. 

The photograph for this episode is from me, Laurie.

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