Ponderbeat 04


ponderbeat 04



It’s here! The latest Ponderbeat is going to fill your summer of 2019 with a buffet of brand new music.

Ponderbeat is a collaborative effort with Killbeat Music. Four times a year Killbeat collects all the great new music the artists on their roster are releasing, and Pondercast gets to pick and choose and bring you our favourites. Thanks to Killbeat Music! And thanks to you for listening. Here’s the breakdown…

FET.NAT - Tapis

Badge Époque Ensemble - Enormous Profit

Close Talker - Half Past Nine

Ada Lea - The Party

Yoke Lore - Safe & Sound

Tamino - Indigo Night

Sessa - Tanto

Charlotte Cornfield - Silver Civic

River Tiber - Taurus

Begonia - Living at the Ceiling

Jordan Klassen - Virtuous Circles

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Laurie, Joshua and Ty.



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