Anger seems to be the emotion of the moment. It doesn’t take more than a sidelong glance at the news to get the mad motor humming. How are you handling it? I’m not doing so well. I do not anger easily, so feeling it so often is getting to me.

It turns out there are about eight or nine kinds of anger (!!!)

This episode is about the kind of anger you feel boiling up from your stomach when you read the news. This is good anger.

I know anger can be an incredibly corrosive thing - and it has damaged many of us in terrible ways. I’m not venturing into that kind of anger here. I’ll save that for another time. I really want to address the rage we are feeling at the way we are treating each other. Jailed asylum seekers, children separated from parents, education budgets slashed, acts of racism and misogyny - you know, the news.

Thanks to Alain Joseph for the suggestion of Anger for a Pondercast topic. He pre-ordered a t-shirt and got to choose an episode topic. Great topic.

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