Laurie here.
In May and June I was travelling in England and Wales.  Which means walking.  All along the South Coastal Path, through Devon and Cornwall and up the Welsh coast, I hiked.  I was drawn to high places – so many cliffs with commanding views.  

Standing at the edge of things, I thought about being at the edge and LO….A NEW PONDERCAST WAS BORN!!

So here is a Pondercast called Pull of the Void. Come on a walk with me to a dizzying, heart pounding cliff edge (without pulling your butt out of your seat.)  

I was listening to Peppermoth’s new album called Glimmer Tide while I was away – and it has woven its way into my heart.  You will hear much of it on this episode.  You can have your own copy of Andrew MacPherson’s ambient project here. (He collected some wonderful people to work with him on this album:  Jeff Bird (Cowboy Junkies), Gary Diggins (Kevin Breit) and Ableton and synth wiz Les Hartai.  A great album.  

Happy hiking,