Ponderbeat 01


ponderbeat 01


We are pretty darn excited to announce a musical collaboration between Pondercast and Killbeat Music, one of Canada’s premier publicity/media companies.


Why Killbeat?

The musical artists they work with are so in sync with the Pondercast sound and mindset, it’s a natural fit. Check out their roster and see if you don’t agree.  So, starting today, we are releasing our first Ponderbeat! A buffet of new music that I have chosen from Killbeat’s latest releases.

Here’s our first track list with links to help you explore more about what you will hear on this episode of Ponderbeat.

Reuben & the Dark – Wildlife
Bernice – He’s The Moon
Cowboy Junkies – All That Reckoning, Part One
Jeremy Dutcher – Ultestakon and Eqpahak
Rich Aucoin – The Fear
Kalle Mattson – Broken in Two
Charlotte Day Wilson – Falling Apart
Jean-Michel Blais – dans ma main
Braids – Burdock & Dandelion
Donovan Woods – Our Friend Bobby
Jonas Bonetta – Seldom

As always, please let us know what you think. Please share this Ponderbeat if you want to spread this musical love. 
Joshua, Ty, and I so appreciate your contributions to us through Patreon. Pondercast represents hours and hours of work from all of us - and growing our support base will mean we can continue this work (that we love.) Oh! You can also preorder the first Pondercast t-shirt!

Want more tunes?

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